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ICB Exam Fees

Find all your ICB exam fees  information here. When you sign up for an ICB course, you will have to write an exam to assess that you are sure in your knowledge, in order to write this exam you will then have to pay an exam fee to the ICB. If you are using a distance learning ICB provider, such as Skills Academy, then remember that you will need to pay your exam fees directly to the ICB.

When do you need to pay your ICB exam fees?

If you are ready to enter for exams and receive your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) then you must have sent your Assessment Entry Form and your proof of payment for your ICB exam fees to the ICB. At the time you enter for the first exam of the year the annual registration fee is payable as well. Please remember that if you have not paid your ICB exam fees or you have sent incomplete information on your forms then your exam entry will not be processed.

Payment methods

You can pay your ICB exam fees via:

  • EFT
  • Credit card
  • Snapscan

See the information table below for banking details.

ICB exam fees 2017

Check out the image below for all the pricing for your ICB exam registration.


What else do I need to know?

Here are some important facts to remember about your ICB exam fees:

  • All fees are non-refundable
  • Fees are quoted in South African Rands and may change without prior notice
  • Fees listed include 14% VAT for South Africa and bank charges for payments from other countries
  • Make sure you use your ICB reference number or SA ID number as your payment reference
  • If you a foreign student then you will need to contact the ICB for your reference number call: +27 21 659 1300
  • If it is your first time paying the ICB please contact them to get your reference number call:+27 21 659 1300
  • The ICB does not accept cash payments, if you have to do a cash payment then you will need to deposit cash at an FNB bank and send the proof of payment to them.

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Last updated: 19th June, 2017

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