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ICB Exams and the PoE

When it comes to writing ICB Exams, it can really be a stressful time! With ICB you also have to complete your PoE and hand it in along with your exam. It will then to be fully marked and graded. You might be wondering what exactly is the PoE and why it is so important? Think of your PoE as your daily work. It is the smaller, yet also important tasks and assignments that form part of the total package.


What is the PoE?

The Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is, essentially, your work. It will be the collection of all the tasks and tests you have completed for your subject, literally a portfolio of your work! After completing your two tests and three assignments, you add them into this folder to be marked along with the exam.


But the PoE also contains some other useful and important documents. The Portfolio Administration Guide (PAG) is inside, which guides you on exactly how to finish your portfolio. Also included are some important documents that need to be filled in and added to your completed PAG. It can be a lot to keep track of, but all of these are critical to your success.


When do I receive my PoE and what do I do with it?

After registering for your exams, it usually takes from 3-4 weeks for your PoE to be sent to you. If you are physically studying at a college, the PoE will be sent there directly. If you are a distance learner, it will then be sent via courier. You can only receive your PoE after registering for the ICB Exams, so it is best to complete that step as soon as you can.


After receiving the folder, you can officially start with your course work. It can be used as a guide of sorts to help you compile and collect everything you need, correctly, in order to be handed in. This is not the time to rush through anything; remember you can take your time. This all means that the PoE is an important part of your learning process, so take your time to do it right!


How do I submit my PoE?

After completing the PoE, with all tests and assignments inside, it will then be handed in with your exam. Please make 100% sure that you include everything in the Portfolio. You cannot add anything to it after you have handed in. The ICB will not accept any more materials after the first hand in. 

Something else to keep in mind: you can request a remark if the marks you received in your exams aren’t satisfying. This process then re-marks your entire PoE and a detailed report is made for you. There are some rules and regulations when you want to have your work re-marked, so have a look at this Policy before you go ahead.

Results of ICB Exams 

When all is said and done and handed in, it takes about 7 weeks for your results to be released. This is because there are so many steps involved in marking the exams. And there are many separate exam cycles and Portfolios to get through. This is the time to be patient and wait for the feedback. If there are any issues with any of your work, you will be contacted by the ICB to resolve them!


So as you can see the ICB Exams and your Portfolio go hand in hand and are both extremely important. Be sure to complete it all to the best of your ability!


Last updated: 15 April 2019

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