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ICB Prospectus 2021

 Would you like to find out everything you need to know about ICB 2021? Simply download this ICB 2021/22 Prospectus and have all the information you need at your fingertips. 


What is the ICB Prospectus?

The ICB Prospectus 2021/22 is an academic guide for all prospective students. It holds all valuable information regarding the year. 

In the prospectus, you’ll learn more about the following: 

  • Course information 
  • Online registration 
  • Exam dates
  • How to further your studies 

If you’re not sure of what to study, the prospectus also gives you information on all the courses that are offered. This includes: 

  • A definition of the course
  • Minimum requirements that you need
  • The subjects that you will do
  • The NQF level that you will qualify for after successful completion of subjects

The ICB Prospectus 2021/22 is available for download.

Where can I find the exam timetable?

The ICB has released the dates for the 2021/22 exams. They are ready to download and use once you are ready to register. Make sure that you are well prepared for the upcoming exams to get the best possible results.

When and how do I pay the fees?

The registration fee is payable by the time you enter for your first exam. Distance learners can register online to proceed with the academic year. 

There are three payment methods as shown below: 

  • EFT 
  • Credit card 
  • Snap scan 

Once you send your proof of payment, you will receive your PoE and be entered for the exams.

Last Updated: January 20, 2021

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