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ICB Results, Exam Dates, and More

There is so much information out the about the ICB exams, the exam dates, and the results release dates. It can be hard to keep track of which information is right and which is the information that you need. Let’s try to make it all a bit simpler, clearer, and easier to understand.


The Exam Timetables

That’s right. Timetables. There is more than one exam timetable for each year. This is because there are two ways in which you can study the ICB courses. Depending on where you study, you can be an ICB classroom learner or an ICB distance learning student. There are exams each month of the year, except for January, for classroom learners. Classroom learners study their courses by physically going to classes at a college.

Distance learning students, however, only have four opportunities a year to write exams. In 2019 those exams are in February, May, August, and November. This means that ICB distance learning students have an exam opportunity every three months. You can’t just show up at the venue of course. First, you’ll have to register for your exams.


Registering for Your ICB Exams

To register for your exams you will need to speak to your training provider. Most training providers will help you register for your exams as soon as possible. This is because you will only get your Portfolio of Evidence once you register for an exam, but more about that later. When you speak to your training provider, make sure if your provider covers your exam fees or not. Most training providers do not so you will need to pay those fees yourself.

The alternative is to use the ICB Learner Portal and schedule your exams using the portal. Skills Academy has a wonderful step-by-step guide to the ICB Learner Portal. This guide will explain how to get yourself onto the portal and even do the ICB registration yourself. Once you are on the portal you can click on the “Enter assessment” tab to book your exam.

It is also important to note that the final date on which you can register for an exam opportunity depends on which method you used to register. If you registered through your provider the date is usually a week or two earlier than if you registered using the portal.



Your Portfolio of Evidence

Your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is all the work and assignments that you will do while you study. You need to hand this in at the exam venue on the day of your exam. The ICB will not give you your PoE until you have registered for your exams. This means that the sooner you schedule your exam, the more time you will have to work on your PoE. Your PoE counts 30% of your final year mark.


Your Results

It is important to understand how your ICB results are calculated. Your PoE counts 30% of your final mark. Your exam counts as 70% of your final mark. To pass your ICB exam you need to get a minimum mark for 50% but to successfully pass your course you will need a total final mark of 60% or above. Below you will find this information simplified.


Final Mark = PoE (30%) + Exam (70%)
Pass your exam = Exam mark of 50% or more
Pass your course = Final Mark of 60% or more

Your exam results are usually released on a Friday about six weeks after your exams. So you will have to wait a while to get them.


How to get Your Results

Classroom learners will have to go to their colleges to collect their results on the day that they are released. Distance learning students, however, will have to wait. Distance learning students ICB results are sent to them via email on the Friday they are released. Unfortunately, it may take them as long as Tuesday to arrive. The alternative to that is to use the ICB learner portal. On the day that your results are published, you will be able to log onto the portal and access your results from the “View my reports” tab. Here you will be able to check your results yourself.


Wrap up

Hopefully, this page will have helped to answer any questions you had about the ICB exams, ICB results and more.


Written by: Clifford Ekron
Last Updated: April 16, 2019

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