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Project Management and How To Use it Effectively

Project management is one the most common buzzwords you will hear around the boardroom table and is one of the most sought after skills in any enterprise today. Exploring this diverse and interesting field can give you invaluable insight into your own work environment and how to tackle big projects or even help you manage your day to day personal activities.

Successful project management has several significant characteristics. To understand the value of project management, you will first need to understand what is meant by the term “project”, what the core characteristics of project management process are, how is meant by a “successful project”, as well as the roles, responsibilities, and activities of a project manager.

This article will guide you step by step through each of these characteristics and provide you with interesting and detailed information of the world of project management.

Characteristics of a project

The dictionary definition of a project is “a planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations.”. So let us look at what characteristics make up a project.

  • Project are temporary rather than ongoing. Temporary means that any project will have a start date and end date (but it has nothing to do with short duration).
  • A project produces unique results: meaning the product or service at the end of the project should be some way different than the existing (can be an invention or an innovation.)
  • Projects are characterized by progressive elaboration: due to uniqueness and greater uncertainty projects cannot be understood entirely at or before project start, and therefore planning and execution of projects is happening many times in separate steps or phases. As project progresses, project team understands next steps, deliverables and way of execution much better. Based on this knowledge, team members elaborate initial draft plans and execute next phase of the project based on these detailed plans.

Projects differ from operations, because operations are continuous and repeating (projects are temporary), and operations deliver the same or almost the same results (project results are in contrast unique).

A project usually needs resources to deliver its results. Most of the time project execution is based on a detailed plan, which considers also external factors and constraints. Planning, execution and controlling of project is the primary field of project management. For major projects it is necessary sometimes to set up a special temporary organization, consisting of a project team and one or more work teams.

From this you can see that a project requires a lot of management, and this is why project management is such a critical skill to have.

What is Project Management?

“Project management is the process of the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.” That is, project management is an interrelated group of processes that enables the team to achieve a successful project. Project management or project administration is a procedure whereby information, skills, and assets are utilized as a part of an effective and efficient way, to achieve a desired result, or to lead a project to an effective finish.

So a project can be depicted as an undertaking that has a distinct start and end, and is designed to achieve a specific result, projects are usually temporary as opposed to ongoing.

There are five components required in the project management are:

  • Starting
  • Arranging
  • Executing
  • Observing and controlling
  • Finishing

Why is project management so important?

Project management is an essential function of any business.

  • It guarantees that there is an appropriate structure and procedure set up for the successful execution of a project.
  • It can minimize the possible risks in the execution of a project.
  • It makes it possible to tackle any problems that may occur and resolve them successfully and quickly.
  • It expands effectiveness, as there is solid concentration on the ideal use of assets and resources.
  • It increases the odds that a project will be finished effectively and on time.

What is the role of the project manager?

Project managers are in charge of an extensive variety of tasks.

  • They need to do the nitty gritty when it comes to getting ready for the venture
  • they need to regulate staff
  • ensure that everything happens as indicated by timetable
  • purchase the fundamental assets
  • manage contracts with providers and suppliers
  • give status reports to the majority of the partners
  • and they need to deal with the risks identified with the project.

Project managers can work in many different enterprises, as project management is needed in almost every industry, so there is never a shortage of work for anyone looking to get into this industry.

If you are interested in turning your organisational skills into a project management qualification, then you ought to consider registering for one of Skills Academy’s project management courses.

Why do you need classes (rather than home study) when….

Students who get one-on-one tutoring show signs of improved results

Studies have demonstrated that students who have one-on-one coaches, have more improved marks than students who study in a group. When you share a lecturer between many students there is a limited amount of time for questions. And then the lecturer does not have sufficient time or energy to answer every one of the questions.

Home Study implies you get loads of time one-on-one with your speaker. The instructor focuses just on you and your queries. What\’s more, your instructor can ensure you truly comprehend the course work. This way you get the time and the consideration, and the results that you really deserve – with home study you get the best results!

End of the year test Score


In the above chart you can see that the best results are in the small group that has 1-on-1 tutoring. In home study you are in that little gathering. You are interfacing with your teacher on the web, or over email, or talking to your lecturer via telephone.

Separate learning implies that you get a comprehensive understanding of all the work

With home study you have the chance to peruse through all the study material, until you are sure about what you comprehend and know what you require help with. You have room, schedule-wise, to consider what you don\’t comprehend and think about how to detail your question for your lecturer, with the goal that you get the most exact and accommodating answer.

Your lecturer will have sufficient time and energy to answer every one of your questions and make sure that you understand all your work.

You never miss a class

When students are considering campus studies, the biggest test is to get to class on time! The lecturer won\’t sit tight for you. Truth be told, teachers have begun locking the doors of classrooms to keep latecomers from disturbing their classes.

With home study you never miss a class. The class waits for you!

You begin when YOU are prepared; you don\’t have to wait for classes to begin

Home study students don\’t pause for other individuals. Students are qualifying themselves and are enhancing their lives and their professions. You don\’t discover them standing around in long lines, waiting around like other individuals for a book or for enrollment. They know how to get what they need, when they need it!

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You move as quick or as slowly as you need to

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You can invest as much energy, one-on-one, with your tutor as you need

We don\’t all learn at the same pace. Some of the work will be easier for you, and some of the work will need more time to understand.

When you go to classes, then you move at the pace of the speediest learner, or at the pace of the slowest learner.

Be that as it may, your home study tutor moves at your speed. You choose how quickly or how slowly your studies ought to go. Your teacher will invest as much energy as you need on the work. Also, when you need to accelerate on the parts that are simple for you, then we accelerate with you.

You don\’t need to figure out how to pay for textbooks and you don\’t need to stress over really getting the books you require

When you go to a campus, (and this includes Unisa), you get a book list. You will then go to a book shop and trust they have the books on your list (which numerous different students are attempting to purchase in the same time!). What\’s more, you pay additional for your books. Your course expenses do exclude any study materials or reading material.

With home study we incorporate all the study material, books and study notes you require. It is incorporated into your course expense. Also, we courier it to your hands. So no hold ups; searching for books or paying additional for books. What\’s more, the dispatch expenses are also incorporated into your course charge with us.

Study notes to help you comprehend the work

When you go to class, you get endorsed reading material, and after that, you make your own study notes in the class. The study notes will help you later when you survey the work and get ready for your tests. Great study notes is the link between the course book and your brain.

You need the best study notes to help you pass. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you don\’t miss anything.

Our home study students get incredible study notes from the College; pleasantly printed and bound. We have built up our study notes particularly for home study students. So you can invest your energy learning from your teacher and learning from the study notes we give you.

Skills Academy can finish your entire Registration via telephone and does all the printed material for you. You can pick a regularly scheduled installment arrangement for that works for you. Also, they won\’t trick you with a wide range of hidden expenses. You can call us today, and be studying in under two weeks.

Campuses are not always safe… and students can\’t concentrate  

Before the end of last year, we saw exams being canceled and students were not able to write exams because of protest action.

This year began with further protest and police forces firing rubber bullets at students. Registrations were ended at various government funded campuses in January; among them Unisa, Wits and the University of Pretoria.

We know that you are focused on getting your studies finished and using them to enhance your life. You deserve the opportunity to concentrate safely and securely… and to begin building a superior future for yourself and your family.

What is PMP?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognised qualification that is granted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It shows potential bosses that an applicant has the important skills and experience to lead projects to an effective and successful conclusion.  You need to have enough relevant project management experience to complete the PMP.

What are the criteria?

You can apply for the PMP if:

You have a four-year degree and no less than three years of project management experience under your belt, with 4,500 hours supervising and coordinating activities and 35 hours of project management training.


You have a secondary diploma (high school or the global equivalent) no less than five years of project management work experience, with 7,500 hours supervising and coordinating tasks and 35 hours of project management training.

You will then need to pass the PMP exam. When you have passed your exam and have been granted your PMP qualification, you should meet the PMI\’s Continuing Certification Requirements, in order to hold onto your accreditation. The Continuing Certification Requirements program works on a three-year cycle.

What are the advantages of PMP certification?

  • It is internationally recognised, which means that you will be able to work abroad.
  • It makes you a more attractive employment prospect and pulls in a higher pay.
  • It means that you will be seen as more reliable and responsible to potential managers.
  • It demonstrates to bosses that you are capable of carrying out the tasks assigned to you.

How can I get ready for the PMP?

In order to qualify for the PMP, you will need to have participated in no less than 35 hours of project management instruction. By enrolling for a project management course you can facilitate these hours of training. A Skills Academy project management course will help you prepare for this.

Project Management Jobs

Finding a job in project management can be energizing and fulfilling, but it is also very demanding and requires a lot of effort and concentration. A project manager is in charge of ensuring that a venture is finished on time, effectively, within the allocated budget and deadlines will have to be met without fail.

Who uses project managers?

Project managers are found across a range of industries and organisations. They can work for privately owned businesses, for non-profit associations, or in the government or private sector. Project managers can work for project management companies who would then hire out their services to other businesses, as an internal employee within a business, or as they can be self-employed.

What sort of job opportunities are available?

Project management is a developing, and popular field. There are many opportunities for work throughout the world for individuals with the right capabilities and experience. Here are a few examples of positions that you could apply for:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Project/Operations Manager
  • Construction Manager

I want to become a project manager…. what should I study?

The best place to start your project management career is by studying a project management course. Skills Academy offers several levels of project management courses so there is something for everyone – so you can study a course that suits your needs. These courses will teach you the essential knowledge that is required for working in this field. Choose from:

What are a Project Manager\’s responsibilities?

Every project management job is different depending on what tasks the project requires. Tasks are affected by the type, score, requirements, budget and outcome of each project. However, these are the most common duties that you will need to be able to fulfill when taking on a role as a project manager:

  • Arranging the project
  • Dealing with the project spending plan.
  • Assigning tasks to colleagues.
  • Settling any debate that may happen.
  • Arranging and overseeing contracts.
  • Ensuring that all assignments are delivered.
  • Keeping every partner in the loop on the progress of the project.
  • Assessing the project once it has been finished.

Project Management Certification

Project management accreditation gives potential bosses a sign of a potential employee’s level of comprehension, ability, and involvement in the field. There are several sorts of certification that you can go for when choosing to study a project management course including Project Management Institute (PMI) certification, Prince2 certification, Scrum Alliance certification, and International Project Management Association (IPMA) certification.

The PMI grants these universally accepted qualifications:

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)®
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
  • PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®
  • PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)®
  • OPM3® Professional Certification

Of these, the PMP is generally accepted as the most renowned qualification, and is highly respected by businesses everywhere throughout the world.

How do I get a certification?

Every certification has its own set of criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to complete the course. You can check these criteria on the websites of the institutions listed above and find one that works for you.

Do I need to qualify in order to work as a Project Manager?

No, you don\’t. Having a certificate will certainly improve your chances of employment and will secure a higher salary but so long as you have initiative, good organizational skills and determination you can definitely work as a project manager.

Businesses will review your past work experience and will consider whether the work you did previously shows your ability to complete the projects assigned to you.

If you want to improve your chances of getting employed, then a project management certification will definitely help you achieve this goal. Explore the project management courses that Skills Academy offers and find a course that suits you.

Last updated: December 2nd, 2016

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