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Unisa fees

Unisa fees for 2017 Students

Unisa students have the option of choosing how many modules they want to study during a semester. For this reason, students pay their Unisa fees per module, instead of paying a set course fee every month. When thinking about registering, you must keep in mind how many modules you will be able to afford.

Modules are usually completed in a 6 month semester period. Students can decide if they want to pay the full amount when they register, or if they want to pay a minimum amount upon registration, and then pay the rest either during May or August – depending on which semester they are in.

The amount per module differs from one module to the next, and the fees are also dependent upon the college at which you enrol. You can enquire about this via email, online, or by visiting a regional office.

\"UnisaAdditional fees that students need to consider include prescribed textbooks that are not included with study material, and fees for re-examinations or re-marking of assignments or exam papers.

Any course fee will depend on:

  • The type of qualification that you are studying towards
  • The duration of your studies
  • What is included in your course material (guides, textbooks, tools, etc)
  • Your study method (home/distance learning, fulltime classes, or part-time classes).

You need to consider all of these factors when deciding what you want to study. If you want to study fulltime at a university, you may need to include travel and/or living costs in your budget as well.

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Last Updated: June 26th, 2017

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