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Are you looking to study UNISA Office Admin Courses? Before, UNISA offered ICB programmes. Unfortunately, UNISA no longer has ICB Courses available. However, you could still apply for an ICB Office Administration Course at Matric College, Learning Group, Bellview Institute of Distance Learning and Skills Academy.

At these colleges, you will be able to study an ICB Course. These ICB Courses can be taken to improve and learn new skills. One of the benefits of studying with these colleges is that it can be done from home. 

You can study ICB Office Administration online through distance learning. You will receive the most up-to-date syllabus from us. Everything can be done online, from your registration to writing your ICB exams online. Our Office Administration courses include National Certificates, Higher Certificates, and Diplomas.

ICB Office Administration Courses

ICB Office Administration Programme – Foundation Level

Credential Name:Certificate: Office Administration
NQF Level:NQF Level 5 – SAQA ID 23618 (overall credits: 120)
Course Duration: 18 months
Entry Requirements:
  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • No prior accounting knowledge is required
  • You at least need to be 16 years of age
  1. Cost and Management Accounting (CMGT)
  2. Business Law and Administrative Practice (BLAP)
  3. Marketing Management and Public Relations (MMPR)
  4. Business Literacy (BUSL)
  5. Bookkeeping and Trial Balance (BKTB)
  6. Business and Office Administration 1 (BOA1)
The Careers You Can Pursue With This Qualification:
  • Secretary 
  • Senior Office Administrator
  • General Office Supervisor
  • Labour Relations Administrator 
  • Human Resources Administrator

Advanced Level

  • Office Administrator
NQF Level:
  • NQF Level 6 – SAQA ID 35958 (overall credits: 360)
Course Duration:
  • 9 months will be added to the foundation level certificate
Entry Requirements:
  • Office Administration: Higher Certificate, which includes the 9 previous subjects
  1. Management (MGMT)
  2. Financial Statements (FNST)
  3. Business and Office Administration 3 (BOA3)
The Careers You Can Pursue With This Qualification:
  • Public Relations Supervisor
  • Administrative Manager
  • Office Manager

The ICB Courses

ICB Courses are exactly what you are looking for, if you want to further your studies in the business and financial management field. There are (2) two programmes that we offer our students to study, which are:

  1. Office Administration 

National Diploma in Office Administration

Higher Certificate in Office Administration

Business Management 

Higher Certificate in Office Administration

National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management

Business Management Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma

Business Management Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate 

       2. Financial Accounting 

Junior Bookkeeping Course: ICB National Certificate

Certified Senior Bookkeeping: ICB Certificate

Technical Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma 

A great study option for accredited ICB Courses are Business Management Courses. The Business Management: ICB National Certificate Course is the first course in the ICB Business Management Programme. 

It is then followed by the ICB Business Management Higher Certificate and then finally the Diploma Level course. You will become a desirable candidate for employers to hire, since these courses provide you with qualifications in scarce skills. 

Are you worried that you cannot apply for these courses because you do not have Matric? Do not worry, you can obtain your Matric Certificate with us. It is never too late for you to get your Matric Certificate

Along with the Adult Matric: Senior Certificate (Amended) Course, we offer many other Matric Courses, such as:

Matric Upgrade 

Matric Equivalent 

  • Bookkeeping: ICB FET Certificate
  • Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate

What Is The ICB?

The ICB is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. The ICB was established in 1931, in order to raise the level of accounting and bookkeeping qualifications in South Africa. 

Aside from being a professional body, the ICB also offers courses. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers South Africa offers courses in accounting, bookkeeping, office administration, business management, and entrepreneurship.

What Is The Function Of The ICB?

The function of the ICB is to provide you with knowledge regarding business management, financial accounting and office administration. The knowledge and skills that you gain can help you be advanced. 

The Accreditation Of The ICB

The ICB is based in South Africa and is acknowledged by FASSET as one of their QAP (Quality Assurance Partner). Although the ICB is based in South Africa, it still has an affiliation with both the IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers) and IFA (Institute of Financial Accountants). Both the IFA and IAB operate from the United Kingdom. 

The Benefits Of The ICB Qualification

An ICB qualification is locally and internationally recognised. The local recognition includes the following:

  • NQF – all the ICB Courses are recognised by the National Qualifications Framework
  • QCTO – Quality Councils of Trade and Occupations offers guidance to private and public skills development providers. To implement occupational qualifications, the ICB Courses must be accredited by the QCTO
  • SAQA – all ICB Courses are registered by the South African Qualifications Authority. They are issued with SAQA ID number which details the credits you earn 

How Does The ICB Courses Work?

The ICB designs the qualifications that they offer, as well as sets up the ICB exams. The ICB by itself, does not provide support for the courses that they offer. However, Matric College, Skills Academy, Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, and the Learning Group will provide you with support throughout the course

You can also do these courses if you have not obtained a Matric Certificate, starting with the ICB’s Junior Bookkeeping Certificate

The Professional Bodies That Are Recognised By The Institute Of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB):

  • South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT)
  • Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accounting (ICBA)
  • International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP)
  • Southern African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA)
  • International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) 

Where You Can Study ICB Courses:

Author: Roegshana Pamplin
Editor: Caitlin Roux
Last Updated: February 16, 2024

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