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Adult Matric

Adult Matric provides students with the opportunity to get their matric certificate – no matter how long they have been out of school.

Entry Requirements For Adult Matric

To complete an Adult Matric course, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a grade 9 or equivalent certificate
  • You must be 21 or older at the time of your examinations

The Adult Matric course can be started before you turn 21, from the age of 19. You simply need to be 21 years old when you write your final exams.

Adult Matric Compared To A Traditional Matric Certificate

Adult Matric certificates and Traditional Matric Certificates (National Senior Certificate) are identical. These certificates are awarded by Umalusi and are both NQF level 4 qualification certificates.

Content Of The Adult Matric Course

Adult Matric (Senior Certificate)covers the material from the Further Education and Training phase of high school. This includes the work from grade 10 to grade 12. 

Since this amounts to three years of studies, the course can be completed in 36 months. However, if you feel comfortable with the content of your studies, you can choose to complete this course in 12-24 months.

Subjects Covered

You have the option to choose which subjects you will complete during your Adult Matric course. If you have previously written matric but did not pass, you can choose completely different subjects than the ones you originally studied.

This allows you to choose subjects that suit the career path you are working towards. Compulsory subjects include a Home Language, First Additional Language, and one of the two Mathematics categories.

The other three subjects are up to you. You can choose these following your career in mind or simply select those you feel you are most comfortable with.

Studying Adult Matric

You can study an Adult Matric course at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. This institution offers support in choosing the best subjects for you and assists in your course. They also offer a wide variety of Distance Learning courses you can complete with your matric certificate. This includes ICB courses and NATED courses, such as NATED Legal Secretary courses (N4, N5, N6 and N6 Diploma), Business Management Courses ( N4, N5, N6, and N6 Diploma) ,NATED Human Resource Management Courses(N4, N5, N6, and N6 Diploma),Financial Management Courses ( N4, N5, N6 and N6 Diploma) NATED Management Assistant Courses (N4, N5, N6 and N6 Diploma),Educare Courses ( N4, N5, N6, and N6 Diploma), NATED Marketing Management Courses(N4, N5, N6 and N6 Diploma).

You will also find that they offer a group of CIMA courses.

The entry requirements for these courses are very different from the other courses. For starters you do not need a Matric Certificate for this course, what you do need however is to have done and passed mathematics, be older than 16 years of age, and know how to read and write English. Meeting these requirements will grant you entry into the first course and passing that will grant access  to the course above it, and so on.

Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning: Accreditation

The Adult Matric accreditation details are as follows:

  • SAQA ID number – 49647
  • Qualification Title: National Senior Certificate 
  • Qualification Type: Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate
  • Programme type: National Qualification
  • Course Credits: 130
  • Award type: Senior Certificate
  • Originator: Generic 

The Amended Senior Certificate (also known as Adult Matric) is offered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Adult Matric is a programme that does not need an accreditation process.

Once you have written your final matric exam, the paper is sent to the DBE where it will be marked. They will then make your matric certificate and have it accredited by Umalusi.

From August 2016 to February 2020, any TVET or FET private colleges had to register with the Department of Higher Education and Training to become accredited. This requirement was communicated by the Joint Communique 1 of 201.

This requirement has since been revoked as published by the Director-General of Higher Education, Mr. QF Qonde, on 7 February 2020 in the Government Gazette. Private colleges do not need to apply for registration with the DHET anymore as this process is no longer available.

If a private college obtained accreditation from the DHET while this process was valid, they will still retain their accreditation until it reaches the given expiration date (three to five years after the accreditation was issued). Once this accreditation expires, it cannot be renewed.

As stated in the Government Gazette on 7 February 2020, private colleges must now undergo the process of QCTO accreditation. Afterward, they can apply for a DHET exam number.

This involves passing the DHET Exams Division registration requirements. Private Colleges will also receive a site visit from this DHET division. When it is official that the college has met the requirements, it will receive official accreditation and a DHET exam number.

Bellview also provides extensive information on the subject of alternative options to completing your matric.

Subjects Offered 

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning offers a range of subjects to choose from.

Compulsory Subjects

You are required to choose a home language, a first additional language, and a mathematics option for Adult Matric. Bellview offers the following selection:

Additional Subjects

You must choose three or four elective subjects as well. Here are the elective subjects offered by Bellview:

The Marking Process

Bellview has a team of skilled tutors who mark your completed assignments and give you feedback on what you can improve upon.

Author: Karla Nortier
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Date Published: November 23, 2021

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