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ICB Prospectus 2018

What Is The ICB Prospectus?

A prospectus is a printed or digital booklet.  The purpose is to explain and give more information about a certain school. 

Each year the ICB releases a prospectus. Students and potential students can find out more about how the ICB works.


What Is In The ICB Prospectus 2018?

The ICB prospectus of 2018 gives you the following information:

  • Making a choice what to study
  • Making a choice how to study
  • The ICB learning experience
  • How to further your studies
  • FAQ and useful info


What To Study?

The ICB prospectus is very helpful. It gives you more information about the courses that they offer.

Course information you can find:

  • A definition of the course
  • Minimum requirements that you need
  • The subjects that you will do
  • The NQF level that you will qualify for after successful completion of subjects

To find out more about the different ICB courses that are available to study on the ICB Distance Learning Courses page.


Where Can I Find The 2018 Prospectus?

You can download it right here or visit the ICB website at www.icb.org.za and download it there. Read more on ICB here. You can also read more on the ICB prospectus page.

ICB Courses You Can Study with TWP Academy:

Last Updated: March 29, 2019

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