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Students with no Matric

Don’t have Matric or need to get your Matric? No worries. We have several options for Students With no Matric. These options range from courses you can do without Matric and you being able to redo your Matric. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)Completing Matric Online means that you are completing your Matric via distance learning OR it could mean that you are attending live or getting pre-recorded classes online. If you would like to redo your Matric or upgrade your Matric marks then look no further and start with us today. Isn’t that exciting? With Matric College you can choose which way to go!

Struggling Because you Don’t Have a Matric Certificate?

Why struggle because you don’t have a Matric Certificate? Many students with no Matric allow it to hold them back. This doesn’t have to be you! With institutions like Skills Academy your career can flourish with or without Matric. 

Matric College is also one the institution providers where you can study courses without Matric. They even offer accredited ICB courses you can study without Matric. If you’re wanting to further your education in the financial or business management sector, look no further! Matric College offers a range of ICB Courses  and Matric Courses that will take you one step further to your goal career!

Below are a few commonly made statements by students without Matric, select one that you identify with to see your options. 

Course for Students With no Matric

There are many opportunities to study further with Skills Academy. They offer short courses you can start with or an ICB accredited course, which will provide you with a recognised qualification like the ICB Junior Bookkeeping Course.

Students With No Matric can still have a good career

Get Your Matric Certificate

Are you older than 21? Did you fail Matric?  Then Adult Matric is what you need.  Half of all pupils who go to school drop out of the school system before they even get to Matric.. Don’t worry!  Check out this great article  for information on how you can get a job without having Matric.

Last Updated: 11 January 2022

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