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No Matric Doesn’t Mean No Career

No Matric Doesn’t Mean No Career. You can still have a bright future without a Matric Certificate. If you don’t have a Matric Certificate, you may feel left behind and that you are unemployable but if you have completed a Grade 10 or Grade 11 can sign up for any of these brilliant courses. Before you register for a course you will first you will need to decide what you want to study.

If you do not have Matric or want to improve your marks or upskill yourself with Accredited Courses, you can apply at Matric College. Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric. 

Apply for our Adult Matric Course here: https://www.matric.co.za/products/adult-matric/
Apply for our Matric Upgrade Course here: https://www.matric.co.za/products/upgrade-matric/
Apply for our ICB Courses here: https://www.matric.co.za/courses/icb-courses/

A Senior Certificate (Amended) is awarded to adult learners who have passed their Adult Matric exams. When being awarded a Senior Certificate (Amended) it is worth remembering that the marks that are on the certificate are only your exam results. No class tests or assignments that you have completed will count towards your results.

If you have an eye for details, are a good communicator, and are interested in running your own business, or if you want to learn new skills and learn how to run your business more effectively, then an entrepreneurship course is the right course for you.

If you are good with numbers, love sticking to the rules, and value integrity and honesty, or if you are already work in finance and want to improve your skills, then a bookkeeping or accounting course is the right course for you.


If you’re a natural born leader, and have what it takes to manage an effecient and productive team, A course in business management may be able to give you the edge you need during your next job interview or promotion opportunity

Business Management Courses

If you are creative, and a good listener with a natural flair for design, and love making gorgeous things, or if you want to learn new beautician skills to improve your career, then a beauty course is the right course for you

If you believe in justice, hate crime and want to make a difference to people in your community, or if you are already in the police force and want to branch out into different areas, then a policing course is the right course for you.

If you want to assist in keeping people safe and making sure people understand the rules and regulations or workplace safety, then a career in Occupational Health and Safety might be the right fit for you.
Last Updated: 11 January 2022

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