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Matric College is a Distance Learning specialist that help you get your Matric Online. They offer Adult Matric, Matric Upgrade and Matric Rewrite options. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended). If you are under 21 years old, you can rewrite your National Senior Certificate through the Department of Basic Education.

We believe educations should be available for everyone regardless of your background. It is their mission to empower their  students to be able to achieve the qualifications they have always deserved. If you don’t have Matric but would like to further your studies then you should consider studying our ICB Courses.

The Purpose of Matric College

Half of all the students who go to school in South Africa, will never even sit in a Matric class. Many students that failed or had to drop out of school, feel that they have no way of getting a Matric Certificate. This is why they want to show as many people as possible that there is still hope. Matric College makes getting your Matric certificate easy and affordable. Once you have completed your Matric, you can get your results with Skills Academy.  Find out more here.

Adult Matric 

Adult Matric is a way for people who only have a Grade 9 certificate to get their Matric certificate. It is also known as the “Amended National Senior Certificate” (ANSC).

You will not receive a School-Based Assessment (SBA) mark, but don’t worry, you definitely do not need it. Instead your final mark will be determined by the exams you write in May/June.

Should you choose to do Adult Matric through Distance Learning, you will be able to set your own study schedule which will mean that you will still be able to meet your responsibilities, like working or looking after your children during the day and studying at night or in your free time. This is just one of the many benefits of studying Adult Matric via Distance learning.

Matric College is a distance learning college that offers a wide range of matric course options that you can study from the comfort of your own home. They also offer valuable information for anyone who would like to learn more about matric and the different options that are available, such as the difference between Senior Certificates, National Senior Certificates, Amended Senior Certificates and even Adult Matric by Distance Learning.

There are also a few Grade 10 courses you can do. Click here to find out more. 

Matric ollege gives you enough time to study hard


  • You have to be at least 21 years old
  • You have to have a Grade 9 certificate

Here are a few course you can do as an adult without matric. 

Are you unsatisfied with your Matric marks? Are you marks too low to get into the University or College you dreamt of attending? Don’t worry, there is still hope! Matric Upgrade allows you to rewrite subjects that you failed, or scored a low mark on.

Sounds intimidating? Do not worry, you will not have to attend classes again or rewrite all of your subjects. You will also receive credits for the subjects you have already passed.


Age Requirements:
  • You have to be 21 years old, or at least be turning 21 years old in the year of registration
 Subject Requirements:
  • You have to register for a minimum of 5 subjects
  • May only choose subjects that do not require in-school practical assessments

You might not want to do your Matric again so here are a few course you can do without Matric , and land a good job. 

Should you fail your Matric exams when doing your Adult Matric or Matric Upgrading you can apply for a Matric Rewrite. This means you are given the chance to write your National Senior Certificate exams again.

ICB Courses

Matric College makes sure you receive the best experience in distance learning. Whether it’s business, accounting or creative related fields, we make sure every person finds the course that suits them. We offer exceptional student support. We make studying easy for you, it’s affordable and we care about the future of our students. Study Accredited ICB Courses in the comfort of your own home and at your pace. We also offer short courses, courses you can study without Matric and National Diploma Courses.


Matric College have the following ICB Courses to offer:

ICB Business Management Courses

ICB Office Administration Courses

ICB Financial Accounting Courses

National Diploma Courses

You can start your NATED course with a Matric Certificate. Specific NATED courses can be started with a Matric Equivalent Certificate. 

Matric College NATED courses will take you closer to the career of your dreams. Courses offered:

  • Business Management Courses  (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Educare Courses (Only a Matric Certificate)
  • Financial Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Human Resource Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Legal Secretary Courses (Only a Matric Certificate)
  • Management Assistant Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Marketing Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)

Matric Equivalent Courses You Can Study Today

Often, people study Matric Equivalent Courses to get on the same NQF Level as the Matric Certificate which is NQF 4. You can use your Matric Equivalent Certificate to further your studies or to focus on building skill sets you can use in your professional career.  

Here are the Matric Equivalent Courses you can study to achieve a Matric Equivalent Certificate: 

  • ICB FET Certificate: Senior Bookkeeping
  • ICB National Certificate: Small Business Management 

Education in South Africa is modelled around the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) that includes 10 educational qualifications. From NQF Level 1 (which is equivalent to a Grade 9 Certificate) to NQF Level 10 (which is equivalent to a Doctorate Degree), there is no shortage of academic qualifications for you to achieve. 

You could also choose to do one of the accredited General Management Courses offered by Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. Any of these courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully and efficiently manage a business, they will also provide you with a nationally and internationally recognised qualification and therefor open up many more career opportunities for you. 

Study Without Matric

Matric College offers short courses that do not require Matric. Short courses are a quick way to improve your skills at work or to brush on a specific skill.

It will also improve your general skills and your CV, this will lead to better job opportunities. The courses offered at Matric College are as follows:

  • Beauty Therapy 
  • Educare and Childcare 
  • Tourism and Guesthouse
  • Events and Wedding Planning 
  • ICB Courses
  • Matric Courses
  • Accredited Courses

Ready to get Your Matric Certifcate? 

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Last Updated: 12 January 2022

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