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Unisa 2017 – Apply NOW!

Unisa has just announced that they will open an additional round of applications for the 2017 academic year. For those prospective students who missed that they should have applied by 21 October 2016, if they want to study at Unisa in 2017 – Apply Now!

Unisa offers degree courses you can study. If you do not have matric or want to improve your marks or study ICB courses before going to Unisa, you can apply at Matric College.

Apply for ICB courses here.

Apply for our Matric Upgrade course here: https://www.matric.co.za/products/upgrade-matric/

Use this opportunity

If you are serious about studying at Unisa in 2017, act now.

Already over a quarter of a million applications

Unisa has already received over 275 000 applications for undergraduate qualifications. Of those they have already finalised around 135 000 applications. More than 36 000 applications have not paid the application fee. Which means they will not be processed.

You will not be automatically accepted

Even if you meet the general academic admission requirements for a qualification, you will not be automatically accepted. Unisa use a points score system to evaluate your application. They will look at the following three things, to decide whether to offer you a place:

  1. Do you meet the academic admission requirements for the qualification you want to study?

  2. Your minimum points score

  3. The number of places available for the qualification you want to study

The points score is key to determining if you will be accepted. In that score Unisa will look at things like your final Grade 12 marks, school attended, gender, socio-economic group and race.

Unisa uses the points score system to more effectively address historical imbalances without sacrificing quality standards.

Unisa has a limited number of places available for each qualification. So even students who meet all the requirements are not guaranteed a space.

How to apply

You can apply online, or visit a Unisa regional office and submit your application online at the self-help stations in those offices. Unisa does not accept printed / paper-based / hard copy application forms. So you will have to scan your documents and upload it.

There are a list of requirements for what documents you must submit. Unisa does not provider scanners, so you need to have your documents scanned and on a “dongle” before you go to their offices.

Unisa does not accept cash. So you have to pay them online.

Take this link to get all the application details from Unisa: Application for admission Process

Take this link to start your application process: Apply for admission to study at Unisa

Application outcomes

Unisa will inform you of the outcome of your application by 20December 2016.

If you were previously registered with Unisa, then Unisa will send the results of your application to your myLife e-mail address. So check this email account regularly.

If your application is successful, then Unisa will inform you of your acceptance, as well as for which qualification you have been accepted. Remember you can apply for up to two qualifications.

If your application is unsuccessful, then Unisa will inform you that you were not accepted.

How to make sure you are not accepted

The easiest way to ensure you are UN-successful, is to submit application form that are incorrect or incomplete. Or to forget to pay the application fee.

First Apply for Admission. Then Register.

If your application is successful, then you must register.

You APPLY to find out if they will offer you a place. If you are successful, it means Unisa is offering you a place on the course, and now you must REGISTER to claim that space. If you do not Register, they will give your place to someone else.

What will my Unisa studies cost?

The cost of your course depends on the qualification you choose. As well as on how many modules you choose to attempt in 2017.

What about students who are in Matric right now?

If you are in grade 12 now, writing you exams, and waiting on your final exam results, then you must still apply right now.

Unisa can accept you conditionally, based on your current school grades; and your Grade 11 results. Your application will be finalised once you submit your final results to Unisa, early in 2017.

So apply now!

What about Unisa students still writing exams, or waiting on exam results?

Apply now.

I applied previously and were offered a space; but did not register at that time

You must re-apply for admission now.

Last Updated: 18 November 2021

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