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The Learning Group has been offering quality home study programmes since 1984. This makes them one of the best established home study colleges in Southern Africa. They provide quality home study courses that will give you a better quality of life through the development of your interests and the acquisition of new skills.

Their aim is to provide quality adult distance education courses that will facilitate a better quality of life for their students through the acquisition of new skills. Distance Learning is vitally important, not only in South Africa, but around the world. It has been calculated that to keep pace with the demand for tertiary education this century, a new university would have to be opened every 7 days. The Learning Group strives to fill this demand in some degree. Distance education knows no physical boundaries and allows students to study at their own pace – full or part time.

Tel: 0800 39 00 27

Website: www.thelearninggroup.co.za

Last Updated: June 4,  2018

With Home Study Group you get to say home and study in your room

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