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Can I Do Educare Without Matric?

No, you can not.

Educare is a NATED Qualification offered by various FET, TVET and Private Colleges. It is offered as either a face-to-face classroom course or via distance learning. No matter how you wish to study towards your qualification in Educare, it is a standard requirement that you have a National Senior Certificate (commonly known as a Matric Certificate).

As a National Accredited Trade Educational Diploma, Educare has a certain set of requirements that you need to meet before you can begin studying.

Basic Application Requirements – No matter where you intend to study for your Educare: NATED Qualification, the Department of Higher Education and Training, requires you to have successfully completed your National Senior Certificate.

So There Is No Way For Me To Study Educare Without Matric?

Fortunately for those individuals who were not able to complete their Matric Certificate, the Department of Higher Education and Training has introduced an alternative.

That alternative is to apply for and successfully complete an Amended Senior Certificate (otherwise known as an Adult Matric Certificate).

What Is An Amended Senior Certificate?

An Amended Senior Certificate is an alternative certificate program created by the DHET. It was created with the goal in mind to allow those individuals who did not get their Matric Certificate during high school to get the opportunity once again. 

If you are older than 21 you are able to apply to do this Adult Matric Certificate, regardless of how long you have been out of school for. 

It is important to know that an Amended Senior Certificate and a National Senior Certificate are exactly the same. 

Both are issued and awarded by Umalusi, which is the National Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training.

General Course Information

Here is all the information regarding an Amended Senior Certificate or Adult Matric Certificate:

Course: Amended Senior Certificate
SAQA ID Number: 49647
Programme Type: National Qualification
Award Type: Senior Certificate
Award Issued By: Umalusi
Accredited By: Umalusi
Course Duration: 12 to 24 Months (Recommended)
NQF Level: Level 4

Entrance Requirements

In order to qualify for an Amended Senior Certificate you need to meet the following:

  1. A Grade 9 (Standard 7) Certificate school report, or
  2. A Grade 9 equivalent accredited programme (such as the ABET programme, which must be at an NQF Level 1 and include two official languages), or
  3. An incomplete matric result, and
  4. You must be 21 years or older at the time of writing your exams

If I Complete My Amended Senior Certificate, Can I Study Educare?

Yes, you can!

At Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, we offer you the opportunity to complete your Amended Senior Certificate, as prescribed by the DHET. Once you have completed your Adult Matric programme, you will be issued with your Amended Senior Certificate.

This certificate is seen as an equal to a traditional matric certificate and you can use it to apply to study Educare: NATED, through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning carries the following accreditation:

With our accreditation Bellview offers the following courses under the NATED Educare Courses:


Author: Morné van Emmenis

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