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What is The Department of Higher Education and Training?

The DHET is the main department of government in South Africa that manages all education and training institutions that are post-grade 9 level. They ensure that all FET (Further Education and Training) courses that are offered by different institutions meet the same standards, to provide quality education that is industry-specific.

\"DepartmentFET colleges provide students with Certificates and Diplomas that enable them to work in various industries, such as Engineering, Agriculture, Business, Accounting and many more. These courses take an average of two years to complete.

There are many industries that have a shortage of people with the correct skill set. FET colleges can assist in moulding individuals for these sought-after positions, which will aid in the economic and social growth of the country.

There are many colleges that provide training and qualifications to students all over the country. It is up to the DHET to ensure that these courses are in fact legitimate, up to industry standards, cost-effective, and unbiased.

If a college wants to provide legitimate qualifications to their students that will be recognised by industries and employers, it is essential that they get the accreditation from the DHET. Students and parents need to make sure that the college is in fact registered, before they pay any enrolment fees.

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