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If you failed Matric a part-time college can get you back on track

Need study options without matric? There are a few you can choose from. You can make use of distance learning or finish a few short courses.

Did your matric results not come back the way you hoped? Or did you have to drop out of school for a personal reason? If you failed Matric a part-time college can help you get a qualification. Here is a list of 5 colleges you can study at without matric:


You can read more about the ICB courses that Skills Academy offers by reading their ICB Distance Learning Courses page.

Never ever got your Matric?

It is not the end … it is a fresh start. The truth is that only half of the kids who start school will ever get to matric. Even if you get to sit in a matric class, your opportunities of going and getting exceptional outcomes to a university are little.

Many South Africans will study from home after they leave school. When you start in your first fulltime job, you will know precisely what you need to understand and precisely what you wish to study, to attain promotion and a profession in your occupation. So if you have failed Matric a part-time college will help you get to where you are going.

If you are feeling down about your matric results – get aid. Do not rest on your very own and think dark ideas. Chat to a good friend. If you feel depressed, call helpline. Stop feeling embarrassed about it if you never ever got matric numerous years back.

Most South Africans Do NOT Have a Matric Certificate

There countless working adults studying from home, studying part-time, and studying with home learning in South Africa. You can be one of them this year!

By the time you are thinking and considering a job about more studies, it is normally too late to obtain good matric outcomes. Many trainees wish to study after matric, but they failed Matric a part-time college is the answer for these people as they can study and work at the same time.

Study without a Matric Certificate.

They will not ask you for your matric certificate when you register with a college that does not need matric. When you wish to study at a University, you just require a matric certificate. Or when you wish to study a course where matric is the entryway requirement.

The colleges listed here uses numerous recognized, non-accredited and quick courses that you can get in without matric. Normally you must simply be older than 16 years of age. And you need to be able to write and read in English. Because the study materials exist in English.

Study while you work! Study from home

Can I study without Maths?

Yes, if you select a course for which Maths is not an entry requirement. Note that the bulk of university courses require that you pass mathematics at matric level.

If you study a college course with lower entrance requirements, then you may even study bookkeeping and accounting without having initially done matric mathematics.

You can study the entire variety of ICB courses without matric and without mathematics.

As you complete each level of your programme, you will get acknowledgment from the ICB in the kind of an ICB Programme Certificate. As you complete the various courses inside the levels, you will get recognition from FASSET in the form of your formal credentials from FASSET.

Study ICB Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) offer a series of courses that you can study from home. You can begin at a scholastic level listed below Matric, and work you method as much as two levels higher than matric (NQF 6 level).

You can study all these courses through certified distance study organizations, like Skills Academy.

ICB Bookkeeping Courses


ICB Office Administration Courses

ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses

ICB Business Management Courses

Read more on Business Management courses on this page.

ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

How can you study without Matric?

When you study without matric, you can pick from numerous courses and lots of colleges. Many of them offer part time studies, or distance learning as an option.

Part-time studies.

Part-time study implies that you study in the nights after work. And you can similarly study on Saturdays. You will find many colleges offer part time studies.

The classes are set up and will assist you to protect a disciplined program. For example some colleges uses night school for adults and day school for matriculants in addition to weekend classes.

Distance Learning/ Home Study.

This alternative is more versatile, specifically if your college gives you great deals of individual aid.

Home study colleges utilize programs which will work for individuals who are used and who can not require time off from work to go to classes.

Is Distance Learning right for me?

Home Study has actually ended up being progressively popular over the previous few years, and for lots of people it is expected to wind up being the favored choice of more education.

There are a couple of factors that home study is a rewarding alternative to advancing your education and enhancing your capabilities:.

You do not go to classes.

Home Study indicates that you do not physically go to the institution through which you study. This indicates that you don’t have to travel to go to classes or look for a location to remain if you live far from a city. You have the ability to study from your home without investing money in travelling and accommodation.

If you have a full-time career you do not need to plan your after-work time around classes or rush to go to classes in the evening. Even if you failed matric a part-time college will give you the space the earn while you learn.

Assist in the online classrooms and chat groups.

Home Study institutions usually have online study groups/classrooms and conversation forums, where you can communicate with fellow students and tutors, discuss course products and request aid.

They have actually tutors appointed to various courses who assist you to much better comprehend your course material. Your tutors offer suggestions and provide feedback on projects.

Cost effective – pay month-to-month.

By getting rid of the additional costs that accompany studying you just need to pay tuition, and most home study colleges have payment options. You have the choice to spend for your home studies on a regular month-to-month basis.

Typically your study materials are included in your tuition costs. This implies you don’t need to invest cash on buying textbooks.

Study, even with a full-time career.

Various home study institutions allow you to study just a number of topics at a time. This is so that trainees do not feel overwhelmed by the work.

Even if you failed matric a part-time college will accommodate your needs and send your course material in batches. So that you can complete a module and its tasks before moving on to the next module. This enables you the opportunity to concentrate on one thing at a time – making it simpler to completely understand your course material and still participate in your other obligations.

A lot easier entry requirements.

It is a lot a lot easier to register for a home study course. Many of the courses do not require Matric. The courses differ from company programmes, that just require grade 10, to accredited programs that use entry level courses that just need grade 10 or 11.

Can I study at Unisa?

No, you can not study at Unisa without a matric. You need to have the best subjects in matric.

Unisa offers degree courses you can study. If you do not have matric or want to improve your marks or upskill yourself with accredited courses before going to Unisa, you can apply at Matric College.

With Unisa and all our Universities there are up to ten candidates for every offered seat. Even if you pass matric with good marks and the ideal topics, you are still not ensured entry at a university.


Courses you can study without Matric.

Skills Academy is one of the part-time colleges that offer courses that do not need Matric. You can pick among the following fields of study:

Where can I study without matric?

You will find much more education and training colleges that utilize courses that do not require you to have a Matric certificate to acquire entrance to the courses. These colleges have in fact developed courses varying in length from 3-6 months up to as much as 24 months.

At The Learning Group you can study the following courses without Matric:.

  • Beauty Therapy.
  • Bookkeeping Courses.
  • Interior Decorating and Design.
  • Wedding event Planner.

At Matric College you can study the following courses without Matric:.

At The Decor School you can study the following courses without Matric:.

  • Interior Decorating Courses.

At TWP Academy you can study the following courses without Matric:.

Get promoted without matric.

In the workplace it is not simply one certification that recognizes your position. Continue striving and studying. The self-starter who works more diligently than anyone else is typically the person with the absolute best possibility of a promo. When a person has failed matric a part-time college is a great way to develop new skills that will make an impression at work.

Initially complete an NQF4 level course if you want to get a position that requires matric. NQF level 4 is the same scholastic level as matric. With an occupational certification at NQF level 4 you will be much better placed for that promotion than the person who did matric!


Last updated: November 26, 2021

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