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Where can I Find FET College Bursary Opportunities for 2013?

Have you asked the question,  ” Where can I Find FET College Bursary Opportunities for 2013″. Not to worry we have gathered all the information needed to answer your question. 

Easiest way to Find EFT College Bursary Opportunities for 2013 

The easiest way to find bursaries for FET Colleges is to first see if the college that you are interested in offer bursaries. The closing dates for bursaries depend on the length of your course and the starting dates. You must apply for a bursary early enough to ensure that you will have the funds in time for the college enrolments.

There are many bursars in South Africa. If you are not successful with one application you may well succeed with another provider. Try and apply for as many bursary opportunities as you can to ensure your best chances. If you qualify for more than one you will also have the benefit of choosing which one you would prefer.

The Types of Websites that can Help you fine Bursary Opportunities for 2013:

  • Websites catered towards helping students and youth such as Youthvillage, Greenmatter and SA Study. Businesses often advertise opportunities on these sites.
  • Local government websites will show bursaries that are offered by different sectors of government such as Agriculture, Legal or Education.
  • Visit the websites of the companies that you aspire to work for one day; they will often have a section showing training programs and bursaries.
  • Many banks also offer bursaries through means of student loan sponsorships. A good example is Standard Bank’s Student Achiever website.
  • Websites that list career and job opportunities will have businesses that advertise bursaries because the repayment for these bursaries will often be in the means of years of working for the company. So if you would want to work as an accountant, accounting firms might offer to pay for your education if you work as a accountant for them afterwards.

Always remember that each bursary will have its own contract and terms and conditions as stipulated by the bursar. Ensure that you know what each bursary will offer you and what you will need to offer them in return.

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