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Get The Job You Want – Even Without A Matric!

Job hunting can sometimes get you down. We have all been through it – searching endlessly for jobs, and feeling more and more downhearted when every single advertisement says that you need to have a Matric to apply.

We have some very good news for you! When the job advert says “Matric Required”, you do not have to believe them. usually, when you are looking for a job, the advertisement will say: “Minimum Qualification Required – Matric Certificate”. So why shouldn’t you believe it? Because any competent Human Resources Department will say more than just “Matric Required” when they advertise a job or a promotion.

In South Africa today, we all recognise that people can have different levels of expertise, knowledge, and qualifications. Often it is simply based on the opportunities you got in your life. And the opportunities you did not get. HR Departments recognise that people with different levels of expertise, experience, knowledge and qualifications can all potentially do a specific job. They do not limit the applicants to JUST “people with a Matric”, or JUST “people with 5 years experience”.

So What Does That Mean For You?

This means that everyone gets a fair chance to apply for a job, you should expect to see requirements that look like this:

Academic requirements:

Matric; OR any Academic Equivalent (meaning any NQF 4 level recognised course); OR relevant work experience (For example 5 years experience in a similar job); OR relevant on-the-job training; OR any other relevant training and courses (including short courses, seminars, in-house courses). Even if the requirements are not described like this, most HR Practitioners and the people who will interview you, know that this is how things work.
Have a look at these courses that you can enrol for now without a Matric and make your job search that much easier.
What you need to do when you apply for any new job or promotion, is to make sure you show what you DO have. What your STRENGTHS are. What real work experience you have. What courses, seminars, mentoring and training you have completed. What courses you are CURRENTLY studying.

If you write a proper Application Letter, and you create a great CV, then you will have a real chance to get the interview, and to get the job.

Last updated: November 8th 2016

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