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ICB Brochure 2017

Welcome to the ICB brochure 2017 page. Find out everything that you need to know about ICB courses, payments, registrations, the learner portal and more.

What is the ICB brochure?

This brochure (otherwise known as a prospectus) is a printed or digital booklet that is used for explaining and expanding on information regarding a certain school. Each year the ICB releases a brochure so that students and potential students can find out all about how the ICB works, what courses are on offer, how and when to make payments and more.

What is detailed in the ICB brochure 2017?

The ICB brochure 2017 gives you the following information:

  • How to choose what to study
  • How to choose how to study
  • What the ICB learning experience is all about
  • How to study even further
  • FAQ and useful info

Where can I find the ICB Brochure 2017?

the best place to find the ICB Brochure 2017, as well as any other ICB forms that you might need, is here:

ICB Downloads


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Last updated: November 16th 2016

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