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ICB Registration Forms Available for Download

Find your ICB registration forms here. Here you will find your assessment entry form and your student details form. The student entry form is a multipurpose document for learners. You can use it to register with the ICB as a learner, which you must do annually or to update your contact details.

When you first register for an ICB course, you will need to supply them with your ICB registration forms. You will also need to fill in and submit your assessment entry form in order to write exams.


3-4 weeks after the ICB has received your assessment entry form, you will receive your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), which contains more information about your exams. It also contains your unique student number, which you must include on all your exams in order for the ICB to process them properly. Once you have submitted your ICB registration forms, you  will be told about the exams that apply to you and will be advised on which you should take and when. Find your ICB 2017 exam timetable here: 2017 Exam Timetable

Should you need any more help or information regarding your ICB registration forms, please contact us on 021 838 8250

2016_ICB_Learner_Details_Form_v2.pdf 2016_ICB_Assessment_Entry_Form_v2.pdf

Last updated: November 8th 2016

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