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Is Online And Distance Learning The Same Thing?

Yes, Online and Distance Learning is the same thing. Although there are many ways to refer to distance learning, the most commonly used terms are:

  • Online Learning 
  • Distance Education 
  • Electronic Learning 

Distance learning means that there are no contact classes between the tutors and the students. All  communication is conducted via online mediums such as Emails, Calls, Zoom and WhatsApp. 

Are Distance Courses Accredited?


Yes, most distance learning courses are accredited. To study for accredited courses through distance learning, you can apply at Matric College. They offer a variety of courses that are accredited and registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This makes their courses recognised. Students who study the accredited courses can further their studies or look for a job anywhere.

Keep in mind that your acceptance depends on whether you meet the requirements set by the company or institution.

Accredited Courses At Matric College


What Can I Study Through Distance Learning?


Matric College offers a variety of courses you can study via distance learning. Here are the courses you can choose from:

Benefits Of Distance Learning


There are many benefits of studying through distance learning. Here is a list of benefits of studying through distance learning

  • Study Without Matric 
  • Accommodating 
  • Covid-19 Safety 
  • Saves Money 
  • Get A Qualification Easily 
  • Reduces Dropping Out 

Study Without Matric

With most distance learning colleges including Matric College, you do not need a Matric certificate to study. There are courses you can study if you only have Grade 9 and you are at least 16 years old. If you want to do your Matric there are courses such as Matric Equivalent Certificate, Adult Matric and Upgrade Matric that can help you get your Matric through distance learning. 


Distance learning is accommodating to everyone who wants to learn. This means that students from abroad and local can apply to study. Parents and employees are also eligible to apply. You can set a study schedule that is comfortable for you. Whether this is part-time or full-time studies. 

Covid-19 Safety

Now that the country has moved to regulations that have to be followed to minimise the high risks of Covid-19 affecting citizens, the best way that students can learn is through distance learning. This is easy as you study from home where you are safe.

Saves Money

You save money when you study through distance learning. This is because there are no contact classes to attend so you have a chance to save money that you would have spent on transport, food and other academic facilities.

Get A Qualification Easily

You can study a course through distance learning, which is skills-based and short. You can do this easily as you can study from anywhere you want. If you are an employee looking to advance your qualifications, consider distance learning. At Matric College they have courses starting from as short as 2 to 6 months to complete. 

Reduces Dropping Out

Some students feel the need to stop schooling for reasons such as travelling daily to attend classes can be tiring, crowded classes can cause anxiety, or they do not have enough money to afford expenses related to contact classes. So, distance learning helps you get your qualification from where you are motivated to keep studying.

Distance Learning VS Traditional Learning

Distance Learning

Traditional Learning

You will get online assistance The lecturers will assist you in class
You will Self-study but with tutors helping You can study by independently and ask lecturers questions or advise on topics in-person
Study through distance learning Study in-person with lecturers and peers
Your study material will be couriered to your door You have to buy your own study material
You can work and study full time You have to choose to either study or work part-time to accommodate both
Covid-19 safe Covid-19 safety is not guaranteed

How To Pass As A Distance Learner?

To pass as a distance learner there are many personal qualities as well as dedication on your side required. To pass your course as a distance learner, you can do the following:

  • Time To Study 
  • Study Groups 
  • Make Notes 
  • Past Papers 
  • Write Assessments 

Time To Study

Learners who pass dedicate invest themselves to studying. To understand your course in detail, you must make time to study for it. While you study, you can identify topics that you do not understand well and then ask your tutors to assist.

Study Groups

Study with other learners. Whether this is virtually or physically. Join study groups and ask questions. Groups help you share ideas and come up with different ways to answer questions because each one in the group may have a different answer to a question. 

Make Notes

Always make notes of everything you learn. It will help you study better. Notes can include answers you got from a lecturer or a group discussion.  

Past Papers

Exam papers come with questions based on topics that are in your provided study material. Some questions are the same as the previous question papers. If you study past exam papers, you have a higher chance of passing. 

Write Assessments

Passing will require that you write all your assessments. These include tests, assignments and other tasks your lecturers give you. Your pass rate depends on whether you write your assessments or not.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: February 15, 2022

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