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If a college wants to operate responsibly, they should be unequivocal about their registration and accreditation statuses. Many colleges say that they are accredited by institutions, but that does not mean that they are Registered Private  FET colleges with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

When you are looking at colleges and visiting either their offices or websites, try to see how easy it is to find out about their registration/accreditation details.

For example, if you visit College SA’s website, you will find an “Accreditation” tab at the top of the homepage that links to all of their registration and accreditation details. On this page, you can find all their details and registration numbers from the DHET and other institutes, such as FASSET.

If you want to double-check the information, you can visit the website of the DHET, or you can enquire directly with the Private FET Director at the DHET:

Director, Private FET Colleges, Department of Education, Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001

Call centre number: 012 312 5878

E-mail: [email protected].

Always ensure that the college at which you would like to study is in fact a registered private FET college. This way, you can be certain that your qualifications will be recognised by employers, and that you do not waste your time and money on a course which will not benefit you.

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Registered Distance Learning Colleges

If you are looking for a unique college experience then distance learning will be perfect for you. Skills Academy is an Accredited distance learning college, with a variety of courses. These courses range from Short, diploma, National Diploma Courses and much more.    

Popular courses at Skills Academy:

Matric College is another Distance Learning specialist that helps you get your Matric. With Matric College there are fully Accredited Courses you can take to improve your skills, or help you get your Matric like the Adult Matric Programme for adults, and the good news is that you can do these courses from home through distance learning. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)Study Online Matric through Matric College and get that dream career you always wanted. 

Popular courses at Matric College:

  • ICB Courses
  • Matric Courses
  • Study Without Matric
  • Accredited Courses
  • Educare Course

Last Updated: 21 December 2021

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