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Unisa has made it easy to apply for work in the higher education industry, by launching an online application process called iRecruitment. They advertise jobs for administrative, teaching and student support on a regular basis, throughout the year.

\"UnisaWorking in the education industry does not necessarily mean that you will be teaching. The industry comprises of businesses such as colleges, training institutes, exam centres, accrediting bodies, and loan suppliers, which all need administrative, technical and academic staff in order to function.

Jobs as accountants, IT technicians, website developers, human resource agents, publishers, managers and many more are available in the education sector, and all of these jobs pay good money.

Working in this environment can be very stimulating, because you become exposed to a lot of information from various fields. For example, if you are working as an editor or copywriter, you will work with study material and advertisements for different courses, and absorb all that information while you work with it.


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