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What Can I Study With My APS?

The qualifications you can apply to study for after Matric will depend largely on your APS. Note that many universities will have their own entry requirements, and many courses will have specific subject requirements as well. 

Be sure to check with the universities you are applying to about additional or specific requirements for the course you want to study. 

What Is APS Used For?

APS is a system used by universities to streamline the application process. Your APS will determine whether a university will check your application. 

If you meet the APS requirements, your application will then be checked to see if you meet the subject requirements and any other requirements the university has. 

However, if you do not meet the APS requirements, your application will almost always be dismissed or rejected. 

This way, universities can easily lower the number of applications that need to be considered. Universities deal with thousands of applications each year, and so streamlining the application process is necessary to ensure registration can begin on time. 

What Is A Good APS?

This is a subjective decision. Whether your APS is good is up to you to decide. An APS of 33 is generally considered good, however there are plenty of opportunities available without achieving this high APS. 

What Is The Minimum APS For A Bachelor Degree?

The minimum APS for a Bachelor’s Degree is 23. However, this can change depending on the university and what course you are studying. Some courses, such as medicine, will automatically have a higher APS requirement, as well as specific subject requirements. 

What Is The Highest APS?

The highest APS you can achieve is 42. This is because you will write seven subjects, but Life Orientation does not count for your APS. This means your APS is calculated using six subjects. The highest number of points you can achieve for a subject is 7. 

What Is The Lowest APS?

Because your APS is calculated using only six subjects, the lowest possible APS to achieve is 6. 

What Is The Minimum APS?

The minimum APS required to pass Matric is 14. There are also subject requirements that go with this, which are as follows: 

  • 40% or above for your Home Language subject
  • 40% or above for two other subjects 
  • 30% or above for three other subjects

You may fail one subject and still pass Matric on one condition, which is that you cannot fail your Home Language subject

How Do I Calculate My APS?

Your APS is calculated using your Matric final marks. Each percentage bracket is allocated a number of points. You can find which bracket your marks fall into, and add up your points to get your APS. Remember that Life Orientation does not count for your APS. 

You can also use an online APS calculator. However, remember to list Life Orientation under the single point bracket, no matter what your marks were. This is because your Life Orientation mark will not count for your APS. 

The point allocation is as follows: 

Percentage Bracket

Point Allocation

80% – 100%


70% – 79%


60% – 69%


50% – 59%


40% – 49%


30% – 39%


0% – 29%


What Subjects Count For My APS?

The subjects that will count towards your APS are as follows: 


Agricultural Management Practices

Agricultural Sciences 

Agricultural Technology

Business Studies 

Civil Technology

Computer Applications Technology

Consumer Studies 

Dance Studies

Dramatic Arts 


Electrical Technology

Engineering Graphics and Design 



Hospitality Studies

Information Technology 

Life Sciences 


Mathematical Literacy

Mechanical Technology


Physical Sciences 

Religion studies 


Visual Arts

Your Home Language subject, First Additional Language subject, and your maths subject will also count for your APS. 

What Have We Learned?

  • The qualifications you can apply to study after Matric will depend on your APS
  • Many universities will have their own entry requirements 
  • APS is used to help universities streamline the application process
  • The minimum APS for a Bachelor’s Degree pass is 23
  • The minimum APS to pass Matric is 14
  • You can calculate your APS yourself, or you can use an online calculator
  • Life Orientation does not count for your APS 

Author: Chloe Bydawell 
Editor: Razeen Dollie
Date: July 13, 2022

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