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Study Without Grade 12 Certificate

Can I Study An Accredited Course Without A Grade 12 Certificate?

Matric Rewrite

Yes you can!

List of Accredited Distance Learning Courses You Can Study Without A Matric Certificate

National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

SAQA ID number: 48736
Qualification Title: National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
Qualification Type: National Certificate
Originator: SGB GET & FET Business, Commerce and Management Studies
Course Credits: 120
NQF level: 4 (Matric Equivalent to a Matric Certificate on the NQF Level Scale)

National Certificate: Bookkeeping

SAQA ID number: 58375
Qualification Title: National Certificate: Bookkeeping
Qualification Type: National N Certificate
Originator: SGB HET Accountancy and Financial Management
Course Credits: 120
NQF level: 3

FET Certificate: Bookkeeping

SAQA ID number: 58376
Qualification Title: Further Education and Training Certificate: Bookkeeping
Qualification Type: Further Education and Training Certificate
Originator: SGB HET Accountancy and Financial Management
Course Credits: 130
NQF level: 4 (Matric Equivalent to a Matric Certificate on the NQF Level Scale)

Adult Matric – Amended Senior Certificate  

SAQA ID number: 49647
Qualification Title: Adult Matric – National Senior Certificate
Qualification Type: National Qualification
NQF level: 4

More Courses You Can Study Without A Matric Certificate:

How can I study without a Matric Certificate?

Some individuals think that without a Matric Certificate you can not study further, or get a decent job. Well they are wrong.

Academically Matric is a certification on NQF level 4. And there are many courses you can study that are also certified on NQF level 4. They won’t offer you a Matric Certificate, but they will provide you with recognized, acknowledged alternative qualifications. And you can utilize them to study up to NQF level 6 (National Diploma level).

If finishing Matric is not an option for you, there are some accredited ICB Courses that you can take without a matric certificate. The Business Financial Management Course is an example of an accredited course that you could study. You must have a grade of 11 to register in this course.

There are also Matric Equivalent courses that provide learners with a certificate that is on the same NQF level as a Matric. Even though these courses are not identical to a Matric Certificate, they can still open many Matric-related studying doors for you. This includes options such as NATED Business Management.

The entry requirement to these type of qualifications are that you should be older than 16, and that you must have completed your Grade 10. You need to also be able to check out, compose and comprehend English, given that the courses are given in English.

Much of these alternative courses of study are much better targeted at a career or job, than Matric. Matric does not prepare you for any particular job. It is actually just an entry to further research studies.

Matric College is a Distance Learning specialist that helps you get your Matric. They offer Adult Matric, Matric Upgrade and Matric Rewrite options. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended). We believe education should be available for everyone regardless of your background. It is their mission to empower their  students to be able to achieve the qualifications they have always deserved.

Matric College was born of the belief that every person deserves the opportunity to achieve their Matric, no matter what their age.

Matric College offers its students the opportunity to study from anywhere in South Africa, via distance learning making it possible for you to earn while you learn.

Matric College also offers various courses, both Accredited and Non-Accredited, to help students achieve their goals.

Matric College is a distance learning college that offers a wide range of matric course options that you can study from the comfort of your own home. They also offer valuable information for anyone who would like to learn more about matric and the different options that are available, such as the difference between Senior Certificates, National Senior Certificates, Amended Senior Certificates and even Adult Matric by Distance Learning.

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